Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs and Child Care Centre

Take your tiny tots on a learning journey through The Berry Patch Preschool! We are focused on providing high quality preschool programs in the Rouse Hill, Kellyville Ridge and Greystanes/Pemulway areas. In addition, our curriculum for preschool is implemented by professionals who constantly learn and develop their teaching skills. All educators and staff are guided by their centre’s philosophy and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Providing opportunities for children to develop necessary skills and attributes early on are goals we strive for. Incorporating the latest in child learning techniques, we prepare them towards the journey to their first year of schooling. We have a very successful transition to school program, developed in conjunction with the local primary schools.

Curriculum for Preschool and Pre Kindy

To ease your child  into school, the topics covered in our curriculum are tailored to each group’s learning level. These include numeracy, literacy and fundamental movements. In addition, these are created using the EYLF outcomes and the Munch and Move guidelines initiated by NSW Health. The rest of the curriculum is based upon children’s current interests, strengths and needs.

For each preschool programs, we take on a different approach to make sure they are age-appropriate. The Baby Berries generally follow a similar routine to the ones they have at home. Running on a short group time, the Raspberries start with basic literacy and numeracy areas. Blueberries have longer group times, moving to more advanced numeracy and literacy areas and exploring interest fields. As for the Strawberries, they have more complex group times and structured routines in preparation for primary school. They begin to write their name, letters and numbers and basic sight words.

Shaping School-Ready Kids

Watch your children grow in confidence as they experience various ways of learning. We do this by incorporating meaningful, challenging and stimulating experiences to extend children’s current knowledge and meet their needs. This gives them the best start in their early years’ education.

In addition, children are encouraged to participate in arts and crafts and activities such as name writing and patterning using threading and peg boards. School readiness is also achieved by the use of computers, which older children are free to use. The centre also holds cooking lessons and science experiments.
As with most local preschools, our programs for preschoolers operate during school terms.

Schooldays and day care hours fall within a 7AM-6PM schedule. We treat holidays as special occasions and celebrate them by holding ‘colour’ days and ‘dress-up days’. Parents will be given notice of these events in advance.

In and Out of Class Learning

Nowhere else can you find a preschool program that effectively combines structured and unstructured experiences. Activities for preschoolers include group times and opportunities throughout the day. They will be given free choice in both the indoor and outdoor play areas.The group times cover the areas of literacy, mathematics as well as music and movement. Older children may participate in experiences covering news.

We also want to stimulate learning through incursions, which we hold several times a year. Each child is invited to participate in a special activity at The Berry Patch. eg. Kindi Farm, Fire Engine visit or Storyteller. These incursions are usually an introduction to the culmination of preschool education. Join us.